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Purrs, Chauffeurs, & Saboteurs

Someone just crashed into Sunray's Auto Shop. Except it wasn't an accident. It was murder.

Amateur witch and sleuth Victoria Fox should be used to this by now. But then another murder happens.

Someone just crashed--

Wait, wait. You're repeating yourself.

--into Sunray's Auto Shop.

Um, hello? What's going on here?

Except it wasn't an accident.

So I'm going to have to figure out why everything's repeating itself and solve not one, but two murders?

It was murder.

Yeah. I know. Studmuffin, I have a feeling we're going to need more coffee, sugar, and cake to solve this magical mayhem! 


Hisses, Hearses, & Curses

Who Killed RaeRae?

That’s what the three hearses driving around Belle’s Cove would like to know. To make sure they find answers, they’ve cursed all the witches in town and turned them into rats.

Except Victoria Fox, car mechanic and one-time amateur sleuth.

The catch? She only has three days before the curse becomes permanent and the town's witches stay rats forever.

Now it’s up to Victoria and her fluffer-stinker of a familiar to solve a murder, save her town, and maybe finally find out what pink tastes like.


Vrooms, Brooms, & Heirlooms

The last time witchy car mechanic Victoria Fox did magic, she nearly blew up half a street. Oops. No more magic for her, but is a witch who doesn’t do magic still a witch?

Well, she does have a kitty familiar named Professor Studmuffin Salvitore III. She also has a knack for inviting magical trouble to her shop’s doorstep.

Like her business rival who shows up and offers her a deal. A tempting deal, but she shuts the door in his face anyway. Moments later, his star employee drops dead.

All roads lead to Victoria as the murderer. The problem? She didn’t do it. The other problem? Almost no one believes her.

It’s now up to her and her kitty familiar to prove she’s innocent. Tiptoeing closer to the truth could put them both in danger though. And it might just take a lead paw on the gas pedal to get them out.


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